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Benefits of a Lawsuit

If you’ve never filed a lawsuit before, it can seem pretty daunting. How does it work? Is it worth the trouble? These are valid and common questions attorneys get asked all the time. In short, the answer is that there are a multitude of advantages to filing a lawsuit. The long answer depends on the type of case.

Proving Negligence

Personal injury cases depend on proving negligence, defective design and/or failure to warn. Negligence means a person or entity acted in a manner in which they ignored their responsibility to the safety of the general public.

Claiming Damages

Furthermore, you must also prove the negligence caused your injury in some manner. Your attorney will also help you collect evidence to justify this claim. Medical bills are a type of damage in a personal injury case. Common types of damages include medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages from missed work, as well as loss of enjoyment of life and even wrongful death.

Your Attorney Helps You Collect Evidence and Strengthen Your Case

When you file a lawsuit, your attorney will help you collect the necessary evidence to prove liability and damages. Your attorney will help you file any paperwork. It is your attorney’s job to protect you and the validity of your case.

An Attorney with the Time and Resources to Take on Big Companies

In some cases, working with an attorney is advisable. The IVC filter cases are a perfect example. As an injured individual, taking on a huge corporate entity is very difficult on your own. Companies who develop, design, manufacture, market and sell medical devices typically strongly defend their product as being safe and effective. Proving that the medical device is defective and dangerous takes a strong legal team who will collect the needed evidence to prove the case.

Contact an Experienced IVC Filter Attorney Concentrating in IVC Filter Cases

Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP is a personal injury law firm who has years of experience in personal injury law, including defective device law and IVC filter cases. We are a large firm with the expertise and resources needed to take on large corporations. Contact us today to discuss your options.